Chili is a quiet little chihuahua who found herself in a big shelter with missing hair and bad skin, nasal discharge and a cough. Once in her ODH home she immediately wormed her way into her mom’s heart, but the cough and nasal discharge continued. Many diagnostics showed a collapsing trachea as so common in the little dogs but no other good explanation. A specialist concluded after more testing that she had an immune-reactive rhinitis – but had no idea what she was reacting to. A long course of antibiotics helped Chili a great deal so she could enjoy her new life and all the attention and affection she draws everywhere she goes.

This may be a lifelong struggle for this girl, with one emergency hospitalization for pneumonia already – but she is loved and watched very carefully, a happy little dog.

Update:  Finally all of Chili’s medical issues caught up with her and her foster mom lovingly sent her on her way.  She was such a special and very brave girl.