When Chocolate was picked up from the shelter his body was stinky, he had multiple skin growths, severely gooey eyes, and ears that stunk.  Being a Cocker mix also predisposes him to those issues.  Fourteen years ago he had been microchipped in New York (it was never registered).  However, why this  BLACK dog was given the name of Chocolate we will never know.

When he went in for vet care, it was discovered that his ears had been chronically infected and were nearly closed from scar tissue and his eyes were gooey likely due to chronic dry eye causing vision impairment.  ODH arranged for him to see an eye specialist in Bellingham who started him on a medication and there is hope Chocolate can regain some of his vision.

After several weeks and more vet visits, Chocolate is much more comfortable.  His eyes are much improved, and his ears are still a work in progress. ODH also paid for a proper grooming so an allergist could really assess him (but his family kept a mohawk for style).

The treatments, appointments and medications continue as we strive to get Chocolate as healthy as he can be.  His ODH family is very grateful to ODH for all the support and for providing the necessary treatment with just the right specialists.    THANK YOU ODH!

February 2019 update:  Chocolate is now 16 and has been with his ODH foster 1 1/2 years.  In that time he required one major surgery to remove his inner ear structures (TECA) so is now out of pain.  He see’s his eye specialist twice a year, gets 4 times a day eye ointment, and without this care he’d be blind by now.  He received a dental with a few teeth removed when they found a mouth growth that was removed.  He’s had one urgent care visit where they found a bulging disc in his neck and after treatment and daily pain meds, he is back to normal.  As long as he has good quality of life he will receive all the loving care he needs!  Thank you to all his sponsors!

Update:  It was finally time to say a very sad goodbye to dear Chocolate.  He developed another  tumor in his mouth and we could not longer give him a good quality of life.  He was such a wonderful ODH ambassador and a great friend to his mom.  He is finally free from all his ailments and was sent on with so much love and care.