Darling Cindy Lou came to ODH as a horribly neglected “hot mess”, pretty much hairless and itchy from flea allergies and with damaged eyes.   After 5 months of intensive care, she is ready for her own home!   Her fur is shiny and beautiful on most of her body now but the skin damage on her back end and stomach may be permanent. Despite all this, Cindy Lou is  a spunky, fun little thing who would be a great family dog.

She weighs only about 32 pounds and is a young senior, perhaps 9 years old.    She is very active, loves to run, explore and walk. Cindy Lou is a friendly, happy girl who loves to cuddle – a mellow lady indoors.   She’s been living with a houseful of larger dogs and is very kid-friendly besides.   We don’t know how she feels about cats and she
gets pretty excited around the small livestock at her home, however.    She can be a bit vocal so would not be suitable for an apartment.

Cindy Lou still needs daily eye medication and a skin supplement. She was definitely a “cosmetic fixer”  (no other health issues found at this point) but her new family will need to keep watch for fleas or any sign of itching – it may be a full year before she has really normal skin.    This girl has been SO good about all of the baths and vet visits!
She’s a great dog who deserves a great home for the rest of her life.

Cindy Lou is an Old Dog Haven dog and is in foster care in Arlington, WA.

Please email office@olddoghaven.org for more information and an application.

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