Cinnamon, a Springer Spaniel mix, was left at one of the large shelters as a stray. Fortunately, one of the wonderful volunteers there saw her and immediately contacted Old Dog Haven. She came to us with a horrible skin infection, probably caused by a serious flea problem, bad teeth, a growth on one eye that will need to be removed and a definite stiffness in both hind legs. Large portions of her coat had to be cut off to remove chunks of matted hair. We don’t think she had been bathed or brushed in years. Sadly, not a dog most people would be interested in adopting. Cinnamon may have been on the streets for awhile and was rather shy when it came to trusting people. We placed her in a quiet Final Refuge home with three other wonderful old dogs. She now has room to follow her nose (Springer Spaniels are very good at that!) and she gets to trot around the little farm she now calls home when she is up for getting some exercise. We are sure in time she will learn that the people who care for her now will treat her with kindness, respect and love. And of course she will always have a warm bed to sleep on and lots of good food too. Cinnamon is a fairly quiet girl, but is becoming more willing each day to wag her tail and respond to her “new people” and that makes us very happy! We hope she gets to spend a long time here. Cinnamon confirms to us that taking these old dogs in and offering them the best possible end of life is certainly the right thing to do! She deserves this as do ALL dogs! Cinnamon was released from her body when she collapsed from some sort of neurologic event, perhaps a brain tumor. She’d been so much loved and her ODH family was so patient with her fears; she was devoted to them in return. She leaves a little hole in their hearts and warm memories.