Beautiful Claire came into a shelter at about 10 years old but with a significant heart murmur and weakness in her back end. Like so many of the dogs who come to ODH, she was reasonably healthy but not enough to appeal to an adopter so she went to a Final Refuge home where she has settled in beautifully. Her heart disease is moderate, she has arthritis in her spine and her hips (perhaps congenital hip dysplasia?), we removed a mass from her ear when she had her dental, and she has stayed very comfortable on medication. She lives happily with 3 other dogs and her ODH family and is of course properly spoiled.

Update:  Claire’s kidneys started to fail in her 16th year and then she developed ulcerative stomatitis in her mouth. This immune-related condition is extremely painful and nearly impossible to treat. Our wonderful vet attempted to help with a dental cleaning but quickly the pain returned and intensified. We couldn’t let her suffer with this any longer no matter how stoic she tried to be. She slipped peacefully into a rest free from all that pain, but her ODH mom will remember this beautiful gentle girl with a great deal of love.