This dear dog was found with her dog buddy wandering in a farmer’s field either lost or left on the side of the road. They were both brought to one of the large shelters with many medical issues between them. Clementine had obviously been neglected for a very long time because she was missing most of her hair, due to a severe flea infestation. She was very thin, her teeth were terrible, she had severe ear infections in both of her ears and her feet and legs were so arthritic that her toes were actually “splayed” and looked terribly uncomfortable.

Luckily, Old Dog Haven was contacted, and we agreed that THIS DOG NEEDED US! We got going on a good intake exam and then tackled her medical challenges. We tackled her skin and ears right away, and with medication for both, she started feeling much better. She saw an allergy specialist and that really helped to get her on the right track too. After making sure she could bounce back from a good dental, she had six teeth pulled and when she woke up, she acted like a puppy! It must have felt so good to get rid of those rotten teeth that were making her feel so lousy. Clementine loved everybody and they loved her in return!

Her groomer told us “she was a joy to be around and made her smile every time she came for a visit.” We felt the same way! Clemmie was a typical lab mix, with a happy go lucky attitude towards life! She took great pleasure in searching for every bunny she could find to chase in her pasture, was always game for a walk, and followed her mom every place!

Sadly though, she woke up one morning recently, and seemed to be having a difficult time holding her head up. In less than 24 hours, it was obvious that she was in a great deal of pain. She was rushed to her wonderful vet, x-rays were taken, and bloodwork was done along with a thorough exam. We found that her red blood cells were almost non existent. The cause of the neck pain was just not clear. Her pain continued to get worse, and even though she was trying to be a trooper, we knew it was too much to ask this dear dog to endure anymore.

We let her go with great sadness and wishing that we could have had at least four years rather than just four months to love her. She had blended in so well with her dog pack, and seemed so happy here, which made us very happy in return. She left this world nibbling on string cheese and knowing she was very loved!!!

Rest in peace dear Clemmie. You deserve to be without pain but know we will never forget you!!