Coco and Falko are a pair of adorable friends! They were surrendered to the Humane Society at the beginning of August 2020 and are still looking for a new home to live the next chapter of their lives. These two must be adopted as a pair, so they can start checking off the bucket list of activities they have planned over the years.

Coco is 10 years young and is a ball of fun! She loves people and would love a person who can toss the ball (not too far) with her. 8 year old Falko would prefer to binge-watch the latest episodes of Friends while receiving all the snuggles!  With age comes arthritis, so they both would prefer a home with little to no stairs. These two have lived a tougher life than deserved but that won’t hold them back! Do you have a pair of matching beds by the fire for these two?

Coco and Falko are posted for the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County, located in Tacoma, WA.  The pair is currently in a shelter foster home, they are NOT at the shelter. so if you are interested in learning more about them, please email   DOGFOSTER@THEHUMANESOCIETY.ORG  The shelter adoption application is on their website here:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.