Sisters Coco and Karma are 9 year old labs hoping to find an adoptive home very soon. The girls are said to weigh 60 pounds each. Such lovely dogs! Karma is the black lab, Coco is the brown lab.

This pair has only lived with each other. They are described as being ‘”a little tense” when meeting new dogs but eventually they are fine. Perhaps a home with a calm male would be OK? The girls have not been observed around cats but they do chase squirrels and rabbits in their yard. Coco and Karma are said to be terrific around kids over 6 years old who will be gentle with them.

Both dogs can manage quite a few hours without needing a potty break. Currently they spend the days together, cuddled on a dog bed. They enjoy being outside in a fenced yard when the weather is nice. As dogs do, they can get excited to go for a walk when the leashes come out so one must be able to manage the strength of 2 dogs who may pull some.The sisters can do stairs and bark minimally to let you know when you have a visitor.

Coco and Karma sound like really great dogs. They know tricks, verbal commands and they LOVE people. The girls are at the age where they’ve calmed down some but they still know how to have fun! Someone will luck out adopting this pair.

Karma and Coco are courtesy posted for their owner, located in Lacey, WA. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.