Coco the Shih Tzu was turned into a shelter at the age of 13. ODH heard about her and thought they could help with her physical problems and find her a forever home. Her problems were severe; she was blind in both eyes, deaf, had skin issues, and had many rotten teeth. She came to her Final Refuge home and within four months was doing beautifully.

We was taken first for a complete veterinary check up and then ODH made sure she saw the  ophthomologist. Her eyes were a mess, and didn’t look normal at all. She had severe dry eye in both eyes and glaucoma in one which caused a good deal of pain. Because of the pain she was in, it was decided to remove both eyes as soon as possible. Coco also had many teeth that were causing pain and also needed removal. The concern was that she might not be able to withstand the anesthesia during surgery but she is so strong in all other ways that she did beautifully.  Since recovering, she seems to be pain free.

Wow! What a difference it has made in her life. Coco has never barked, but now makes wonderful sounds to communicate her happiness. Her tail also wags when she is getting pets and love. And she gets lots of loves. A favorite thing for her to do is to be out in the sunshine soaking up the warmth. She raises her head up and you know she’s smiling on the inside. Her most favorite thing is to eat her meals and treats. She finds the food so easily. Because there are few straight lines in her new home, she nudges walls, cupboards and furniture very gently and now she is much better at finding her way. We’ve also had some success with her ear infections, and continuous good food is healing her skin.

Coco has a younger brother that she is getting closer to with time. She goes with her family to  visit grandchildren on a regular basis and she enjoys the car rides as well as the different environment. Her ODH mom loves her dearly and smiles and laughs at her various antics. When she is held now, she can relax and make her great snuffling sounds. She is so cute and gentle it makes one’s heart sing.

Coco and her new family are so grateful to Old Dog Haven!

Update:  After a wonderful time with her family, this little old girl’s body finally gave out and it was time to say goodbye.  She was her mom’s love and brought joy to her family.  A very special and brave girl.