“Hey there! My name is Cognac. I came to Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) as a stray and now I’m ready for a new home! Upon arrival, I weighed 77 pounds. The shelter vet estimated me to be about 11 years old. I’m an old man in my golden years just looking for a cozy couch to cuddle up on this winter. I’m pretty easy going – one good walk a day is just fine by me. I’m a total chow hound and get so excited for meals and treats, it’s the best part of my day! I am missing a few teeth but that doesn’t slow me down. I especially love puzzle toys filled with wet food. I would do best as the only animal in the home. I am an adaptable dog who loves to go with the flow! I am outgoing and carefree, and I just can’t wait to find my forever home!”

Lucky for Cognac, A RASKC foster parent came forward, willing to foster him until he found his new home and has learned quite a bit about him! YAY for fostering!!

Cognac’s foster parent wrote this about him:

“So far, I think he needs to be an only dog – he’s still showing a lot of reactivity when other dogs try to check him out.  He’s ok until they are within a couple of feet of him so walking him is pretty reasonable.  Poor guy, I actually feel so bad for him because he is the sweetest guy!  He does like his walks, but I don’t feel like he needs a ton of exercise.  We took a walk on the beach today, and he didn’t like the waves!  He likes treats, and usually takes them gently.  He also loves to carry around our squeaky stuffed animal toys.  I think he would play with a ball at least a little if he had his own fenced yard.  He’s doing ok with my few steps at my house and can get into my car on his own.  He does need a boost getting up a high jump, like into my truck.  He’s been coming to work with me and just naps.  He’s met my client’s kids several times and he’s happy to see them (although they are gentle kids).  He’s happy to meet anyone really.  He’s happy just hanging around.  He’s ok with being crated -he needs a treat to go in, and he’s a little upset at first, but he’s always fine when I come home to get him out.  He could use a bath & grooming, he’s got some matting on his back legs and under the tail – I’ve been able to cut out some, but he doesn’t have much patience. He hasn’t had any potty accidents!  He comes to ask for pets, and he likes to sleep in the bed that’s next to my bed.”

Cognac is posted for the Regional Animal Services of King County in Kent, WA.

The only way to meet Cognac or apply to adopt through the RASKC foster program you can fill out a foster adoption interest form and the foster will reach out to you about meeting him! Here is the link:  www.proprofs.com/survey/t/?title=raskc-foster-adoption-interest

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.