Check out handsome Cole! An 8 year old Labrador Retriever mix who weighs 70 pounds. He was born to love and be loved, and through all life’s ups and downs he’s never lost faith in people. Cole would like nothing better than to be part of an active family, sharing in their adventures.

Nothing fazes Cole. Wherever you take him – the park, a friend’s house, the vet – he’s confident and interested. Since going to live in his foster home he’s learned about trusting and respecting his special person.

He is 100% a people person. Big, little, boy, girl – he loves them all, and no one is a stranger for longer than it takes him to say howdy. Cole can be a bit of a klutz and might knock a small person down if he’s excited, but he’s learned to behave calmly, and he REALLY loves hanging out with kids.

Cole is laid-back and friendly with other dogs, and will happily share his home with another friendly dog. He’ll defend himself if he has to, but he’s especially dominant and he’s really not interested in getting involved in arguments. But he can be pushy when loves or cookies are being handed out!

This guy is as good-natured and easy-going as they make ‘em. He’s a bit of an attention hog, but if you’re just chilling in front of the television, he’ll relax and chill alongside of you. He wants to please; he just needs you to make your expectations clear.

Cole has a LOT of energy, and needs a good daily workout to be happy. Without that, he’s likely to take himself off – over the fence or through the front door – on his own adventure.  He would love to be someone’s jogging partner, or a farm dog who gets to accompany you while you’re out taking care of things. He’s never learned to retrieve, so exercising him with a ball isn’t really an option, and a sedate stroll around the neighborhood won’t cut it.

The biggest challenge with this boy is his tendency to take himself off on adventures around the neighborhood. He can jump quite a high fence, and he’s been known to charge through the front door. He’s not hard to catch if you go after him with the car – he LOVES car rides! – and he doesn’t get into trouble. The belief is that if home is interesting enough and his needs for exercise and training are met he’ll be less prone to try to wander.

Cole has come a very long way in his foster home, proving that you can teach a middle-aged dog pretty much anything you want to, if you have a good supply of treats and patience. His manners indoors are good – he’s calm, reliably house-trained, knows to stay out of the kitchen, goes to his “place” on the couch when told to, and doesn’t counter-surf or get into the garbage. He loves his crate and happily kennels up on command.

Cole is a work in progress – and make no mistake, he is capable of tremendous progress. Cole is intelligent and very much wants to please, and he needs someone who is physically fit, patient and consistent to finish his obedience training. He’s a great dog who is going to make someone a really terrific, fun companion.

Cole is posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue in Tri-Cities, WA. If you are interested in adopting Cole, please email and request an adoption application.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.