Meet 8 year old Compton! A 75 pound hunk of chocolate lab/pit bull mix. Compton has lived with another dog in the past but presently he does not. He is said to do best with calm dogs after a proper introduction. Compton does well with cats and needs a home with children over 8 years old. Compton can stay alone while you are at work. He still has a “young” bladder meaning he can usually hold it while you are away as long as he’s pottied before you leave and as soon as you get home! Compton needs daily walks; he loves to play catch and run too. He is described as a “super goofy, loving boy”. Compton is at the age where he knows how to chill out but still has the energy to be a great walking buddy.

Compton is in Puyallup,WA waiting for his new family.

Compton is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.