Here’s Cookie! This little Cookie is so sweet, her mom guesses that makes her a sugar cookie! When she first came into Old Dog Haven care, Cookie was in very bad shape. She had been on her own for a long time, and an untreated heart problem had led to a serious buildup of fluid in her lungs. Once in her ODH Final Refuge home Cookie got the vet care and medications she desperately needed and things started to turn around for her. Now this little cutie is living a happy life and busy making up for lost time!

Cookie’s people guess that she’s a Cockaweenie of some sort (a cocker spaniel/dachshund confection)–she sure seems to be a lovely mix of those spirited little dogs. And this little biscuit loves being loved: Her ODH mom tells us that If you stop petting Cookie she will nudge your hand with her nose until you start petting her again. “She is such a happy little dog and she also just loves to eat! Her favorite time of the day is a tie between breakfast and dinner. When we walk over to the food dish, she jumps in the air with anticipation! We had to get her a slow-feeding bowl because she is just so excited for her food.”

Her ODH mom is so pleased to have Cookie in her life and tells us, “We don’t know how long we have left with Cookie-crumb but we are thankful for every day! Thank you for sponsoring this sweet Cookie!”

Update:  Cookie’s health failed suddenly and she had to be sent on.  This little girl was beautiful inside and out and was truly cherished in her Final Refuge home.  She will be greatly missed.