Cooper Bailey, a beautiful cocker with an exotic Hershey brown color, was surrendered to the shelter because his owners could not afford the eye care he desperately needed. Like so many of his breed (especially those bred for color, not always responsibly) he has glaucoma in both eyes. The ophthalmologist is working hard to save both eyes but it takes consistent monitoring appointments and drops four times daily to make sure the eye pressure stays at the proper levels. Glaucoma can cause intense continual pain; if it can’t be controlled with drops we will need to remove the eyes to make him comfortable. Fingers crossed he’ll be able to keep his eyes and thus the vision which remains in one! Cooper doesn’t let this impact his daily life one bit. He’s a great snoozer and he’s a snuggle-bug looking for any open lap to sit on. When he’s not cuddling, Cooper loves to run through the woods smelling all the good scents, chasing ducks and swimming (when the weather is warmer), and his most favorite time of the day is mealtime. He sounds the alarm (barking) when it’s time to eat and does not stop until food is served. Of course, his two brothers appreciate his efforts.

Update:  After a wonderful time in the very best home, Cooper Bailey’s health deteriorated and he was having difficulty with dementia – it was clearly time to say goodbye to sweet Cooper Bailey.  He was a wonderful pup and truly enjoyed his new life and loving family.  He will be greatly missed.