When Corrie the Pembroke Corgi, was brought to the shelter by Animal Control at about 9 years old, she was emaciated, flea-infested, had serious skin issues and she hadn’t been spayed. (She’d probably been used as a breeding machine.) At the shelter she was spayed, a large malignant mammary tumor was removed, as well as the mammary gland and a lymph node. Unfortunately the cancer had metastasized and the shelter called Old Dog Haven to see if she could be placed in hospice care.

Two months later, Corrie now weighs 29 pounds, (recommended weight for her breed) her skin has improved, and she’s a very happy dog. The cancer in her body doesn’t define who she is and she lives her life with joy and she loves having the opportunity to be a dog.

Corrie goes for a walk (in her case it’s a run) on the beach every morning and it’s the highlight of her day. She’s become the official greeter and runs to meet every person and dog she sees. She never saw a treat she didn’t think was just for her and now she has her beach friends well-trained so they all bring her goodies. She loves to ride in the car, especially if the car ends up at Starbucks because … well, you know why.

In spite of what must have been an awful background, this charmer is trusting, affectionate, entertaining, and a very welcome addition to the family. However long she’s able to stay, each day is a gift. Amazing dog.


After 18 joyful months in her Final Refuge home with people who loved her and valued her presence in their lives, Corrie developed degenerative myelopathy and could no longer walk, so she was released from the body that had failed her to allow her to move on to her next expression of spirit.

There wasn’t a day that Corrie didn’t greet every moment with a smile. In fact, she seemed to be always smiling. When she was still mobile, watching her run on the beach with a big grin on her face was a pleasure we’ll always remember. Corrie completely dismissed the cancer that was present at one time in her body and refused to even consider that it was something she needed to think about. This dog was pure joy and charm wrapped up in a positive attitude about everything. She was generous with dogs and people she met, (when she attended ODH events she was the perfect ambassador) she never met a treat she didn’t think was hers, she was amazingly patient with the little dogs that swirled around her, and she melted every heart with those beautiful eyes.

Saying that we will miss her is an understatement, but we are so very grateful that she shared our lives and we will always remember her with much love. We thank her for the many lessons she taught … always with a smile.  Beautiful joyful spirit.