What a dear fellow Cosby is! This 13 year old, 13 pound dachshund has been a cherished family member his entire life. Tragically he now needs to find a new home. Compassion should be shown to his owner who is heartbroken over this and Cosby will need to be shown compassion  in his adoptive home as well.

Cosby has lived with another dachshund, a female who passed last year. The belief is that Cosby could live with another dog his size and speed but he does not appreciate big dogs. Proper introductions should be done with Cosby as we always recommend with any meet and greet for an adoption.

While he’s never lived with a cat, the best guess is that he wouldn’t tolerate one in a home. It has been many years since Cosby has been around young children. He enjoyed them when he was a young pup but now that he’s mature and his reaction time is slow and he doesn’t like “surprises”, the thought is he would be happiest in a home without kids.

Cosby is a very smart boy! He knows and follows some verbal commands.He is very food motivated and his human has done a terrific job of keeping him at a healthy weight, so important for all beings but especially a low to the ground dachshund. Cosby will wait to receive a treat and go to his dinner when told to.

Accustomed to a doggy door, Cosby is great about going out and doing his business in a securely fenced yard. We were told he did a short stay with a family friend who had no dog door and then Cosby was still a good boy and let them know he needed out by going to a door to be let out.

While we are told Cosby can manage stairs, we’d suggest that he not have to do too many. He did have an episode of a painful back and he does have some cataracts developing (though no mention of visual impairment and SO common in senior dogs). As dogs age, their peripheral vision diminishes making stairs more difficult.

Cosby has been fine to stay home alone. Of course he should be allowed time to settle in and learn the new routine of his adoptive home. He is crate trained and has access to an open crate during the day. Sometimes he’ll get into the crate during the day to nap or he’ll find a comfy spot on the couch to hang out on. At night Cosby is told that it is bedtime and he will get into his crate and sleep for the night.

True to his breed, Cosby will bark! He barks at other dogs on his walks, when the doorbell rings or if there is a knock at the door. This is his way of letting you know someone has arrived and “Hey,there’s a dog over there!”.  Because of this (and this is not something we fault Cosby for!), one should not consider him for adoption if you have neighbors who will not appreciate the natural and expected trait of a dachshund.

We are told that Cosby loves being active and going for walks. He loves to play with his toys and even likes to “tease” you with his toys! Cosby sounds like such a fun little guy! Recently a family illness meant fewer walks for Cosby. The hope is that he will find a home where there is time again for him to be more active. The other side of Cosby is that he was a great comfort and companion to a family member when they were ill. His person believes he’d be very happy with an active retired couple or single person.

Recently when there were people coming and going from his home, he was prescribed a sedative to help him relax. This may be helpful in his move, one could talk to his person and also a vet once he’s adopted. Cosby sounds like such a nice boy and we’d love to help him find an adoptive home where he will stay for the rest of his days. This will bring his person great comfort and relief and that is important to us as well.

Cosby is located in Bonney Lake, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Cosby is not an Old Dog Haven dog. Old Dog Haven has not assessed this dog for medical issues and will not be responsible for medical care after adoption. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.