Crackle was left on a shelter doorstep with two other westies; he was in very serious danger from pulmonary fibrosis, an incurable disease that affects the breed all too often. His ODH family took him for what they knew would be a short-term hospice stay, only as long as he could stay comfortable and happy. A trip to the specialty center confirmed the diagnosis and got him started on treatment. He was neutered there, with many specialists in attendance, since his prostate was so enlarged that he was having trouble urinating – a deadly situation. Crackle had 3 months of joyous life with his ODH family, cuddling up and playing in the yard and being cherished. When he suddenly began struggling to breathe, they knew it was time to say goodbye. As always, we wish it could have been longer – but that much happiness was well worth the tears when it ended.

Crackle westie week2-WR011016