Cricket came into the shelter as a stray at age 14. She arrived at her Final Refuge home overweight and with bad skin, bad teeth and Cushing’s. But she also came with a happy attitude and a love for food, long naps and leisurely walks. Her snoring has become such a familiar sound at night that when she doesn’t snore, it wakes her foster mom up. Cricket does very well with the much smaller dogs and cat she’s living with. Something may have happened to her in her past as she is uncomfortable with some people and being approached in a certain way, but we’re hopeful that will improve with time and encouragement. Cricket doesn’t ask for much beyond her meals and a comfortable spot to lie in, and we hope she’ll be able to enjoy these simple comforts for a long time to come. Cricket became very ill suddenly; two days in the hospital couldn’t find the cause nor make her feel better. Her ODH mom was so very glad to have spent this time with her, even though short – she had several weeks of happiness and made her mom happy too. Cricket passed away November, 2014.