Bonded friends Cub and Max are looking for a new home. Max is a 65 pound Golden Retriever mix. Cub is a Australian Shepherd mix who appears to be overweight at 70 pounds. Both dogs are 10 years old. We are told they are socially appropriate when meeting new dogs and they have lived with cats. Max is more comfortable than Cub is around children. Because of that, we’d suggest a home with older, gentle kids for this pair.

At this time Cub and Max are spending more time than they want to outside. Their owners are sad to give them up but know they can’t change their living arrangements. They are doing what’s best for Cub and Max by trying to find them a home with someone who can afford the vet care they need. They also know that Max and Cub would be happier in a home where they can spend most of their time indoors, only going outside as needed and as they want to. A home with a large, fenced yard is what these best friends need.

The pair can manage about 5 hours before they need a potty break. Cub doesn’t like to hold it that long if she can help it! Neither have spent much time being left alone inside their home. This suggests a home with a dog door or access to outside while their people are away from home. Both are OK on leash and they enjoy their walks.

Cub has arthritis in her hips which causes her a lot of pain. She really needs help for this. Because of her arthritis, stairs are hard for her to manage. We are told that Max really needs a dental and some teeth removed. These beautiful dogs will make your efforts for them well worth it!

Max is described as being “the sweetest dog ever, a people pleaser who bounces around like a puppy when he’s happy”. Cub is said to be “an absolute love bug who gives kisses and think she’s a lap dog”.

Max and Cub are posted for their owner in Des Moines, WA. If you’d like to offer Max and Cub the home they need together, please email 

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.