Tiny little Daisy – mostly blind, quite deaf, very very frail, only 5 pounds and probably 14-17 years old – showed up in a big shelter as a “stray”. How someone could let that happen to their tiny old lady is beyond us, but one of our wonderful ODH families stepped in immediately to give her a temporary home. She saw the cardiologist, a general vet, and the dental specialist who removed the worst of her teeth despite some worries about clotting. After spending the initial weeks being coddled in that temporary home she was ready to head to an ODH Final Refuge home where she was spoiled even more. Surely she deserved that! Sadly, only a month later her heart suddenly failed and even that tough little survivor couldn’t go on without suffering. Little Daisy dug a big place for herself in two families’ hearts in her short time with them, and she will be remembered with much love. She passed away April 22, 2014.