At 13 years old, Dandy was left at a shelter when her owner died. She was scared and her skin was scabbed and itchy. She had hardly any hair at all on her back end. Dandy’s bloodwork showed some signs of kidney disease so it was deemed that Old Dog Haven home would be her best option and the shelter reached out to ODH for help.

Once Dandy settled in in her new ODH Final Refuge home, treatment began to address her kidney disease, skin issues and back pain. As she began to feel better, Dandy began to shine. While this newly plush girl is is still shy with strangers, she loves her forever foster family and she really loves feeling better. Zooming, napping and story time are now on her daily agenda, but by far her favorite activity is running, rain or shine. Her ODH forever family tells us that she is such a sweet girl and a treat to have home!

Update:  Sadly, Dandy’s loving family had to say goodbye to her.  Her health failed suddenly and they knew it was time.  Dandy was a very special little lady, and everyone who met her fell in love.  This little girl will always be remembered.

Nap time!

Newly plush pup!

Dandy on the red carpet!