Darla is an amazing dog! She’s house trained, has learned to use the dog door, and loves to learn – cheese is her favorite training treat. She adores going for a walk around the block, then afterwards cuddles up in your lap or under a blanket. She’s a pretty low-maintenance gal, but would do best in a house where she has companionship most of the time.

The most amazing thing about her is she does everything a “normal” dog does in spite of being mostly blind and a bit deaf. Once she is comfortable with the route, she’s a good walking companion. Her foster mom acts as her guide
to keep her from falling or bumping her head, but that doesn’t take much.

Darla does well with other mellow dogs as long as they don’t mind if she bumps into them occasionally or can’t read their “signals.” She’ll do best in a calm home without stairs, or where her new owners don’t mind carrying her up and down stairs (she weighs about 8 pounds). A home without children would probably be best for her. She’s probably 9-10 years old.

Her foster mom hadn’t met a blind dog before Darla and she’s constantly impressed with her abilities and we think you will be too!

Darla is posted for the Seattle Animal Shelter. She is in a foster home; you won’t find her at the Shelter.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH DOG; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.