Check out these 2 cuties!

Dave is the black, 25 pound cockapoo. He will turn 9 years old this July 2022. Dave’s best friend Ruby just turned 8 years old this past April. She is a 20 pound Cavachon. We are told a “Cavachon” is a mixed breed of a Cavalier King Spaniel with a Bichon Frise. This pair is hoping for an adopter who will keep them together for the rest of their days.

We are told that Ruby is good with other dogs. Dave is a bit hesitant when meeting other dogs but not aggressive. Of the pair, Dave has less confidence. He is more at ease around women but will warm up to anyone once they greet him calmly and a treat always helps!

Neither dog has ever been observed around cats. They currently live with a very young child but the belief is that they’d be happier in a home without kids. If there are children around, they should be older kids who will give Dave the space and respect he needs to be comfortable.

Dave appears to have some arthritis. He is starting to struggle when jumping up on things. No doubt some help (a supplement or medication) for that would benefit him. Both dogs can do stairs and enjoy going for daily walks on leash. We are told Ruby can pull while on leash but that Dave behaves better on leash. Ruby loves toys and time to explore, run and play in her fenced yard.  Dave is more of the “sit back and watch” type. They balance each other out! However both are loving dogs who enjoy cuddle time with their humans.

These friends are good to stay alone when the humans leave the house, enjoying their time together for companionship. Reportedly both can manage quite a while before needing to get out to potty. Like any good dog, they will bark when someone comes to the door, without our dogs how would we ever know someone has arrived?!

If you’re looking to add some love and fun to your family, Ruby and Dave may just be what you’re hoping for. This pair is in need of a committed adopter who can and will afford their vet care for the rest of their lives. Because of their breeds, regular grooming should be afforded too. In return, you’ll have the adoration and devotion that two dogs can bring!

Dave and Ruby are located in Mount Vernon, WA. For contact information please email:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.