Deke is a BIG dog, a mix of unknown breeds – shepherd? and perhaps St. Bernard and/or malamute. Surrendered to a shelter at 10 years old and underweight, his paperwork said he’d lived in the yard or garage for the last several years. Given his size, he was too old to be adoptable, so ODH was asked to take him. Now a healthy 104 pounds, Deke enjoys being an indoor dog and particularly enjoys attention from people of all ages. People comment on his size and big feet, but are drawn by his soulful eyes. Deke likes being brushed, which is good because he has a double coat that needs it. When picked up from the shelter he looked like a bad shag rug and it took a week of daily brushing to get the old hair off. He gets along with other dogs though slower introduction is needed with energetic dogs and he can be challenging with big dogs (he’s a bit like an immature teenager in that respect). He’s good with tiny dogs and with the cats in his foster home, though he will chase a cat that runs. Deke has a lingering wanderlust and has used his strength and considerable ingenuity in getting out of the dog enclosure when his foster mom is at work. He also has some interesting vocal talents and welcomes mom with the moose impression every evening. Deke is in good health generally, although his knees are quite stiff and he has a lot of trouble walking on hardwood and linoleum floors. Upgraded fencing outside and area rugs inside have been worth it to provide a safe home for this lovely dog. Deke was lost very suddenly, leaving a very-large-dog-sized empty spot in his ODH home. He’d spent 18 months with his family, inspiring the fortification and remodeling of fences, gates and other enclosures, but also receiving much attention, love and care. We knew that a dog of his size wouldn’t have much longer ahead but that doesn’t make the loss of a friend any easier. He will be missed. Deke passed away December, 2014.