This is a lead text and needs your attention.
Deuce, a charismatic terrier mix, is very low to the ground and about twice as long as you’d expect! He is grinning from ear to ear because, thanks to ODH and the generous donors of the Maranda Fund, he is feeling like a new man these days. When ODH got Deuce out of the shelter, he wasn’t feeling well physically or mentally. He had 6 pounds of non-cancerous tumors along the length of his side and under his front armpit, making it hard to walk. That is a lot of extra weight on his 40-pound frame! He also had a bleeding tumor on his eyelid, very matted fur, and was extremely worried about being abandoned. After he settled in to his ODH foster home and realized that he would never have to leave, he finally relaxed into the happy, exuberant dog he is now. Next up was surgery to remove the the six pounds of tumors and the eyelid mass. When his foster mom and dad picked him up after his surgery, they expected to find a groggy, sore dog. Much to their surprise, out pranced a cheerful Deuce, in a purple bandage, clearly delighted and feeling better than ever — he was finally able to walk normally for the first time in what must have been YEARS!

Deuce is so grateful to ODH and the Maranda Fund donors for making his retirement a comfortable, carefree one. He is looking forward to many, many walks in the sunset.

Update:  After a very happy three plus years Deuce’s loving family finally has to say goodbye. He will be missed tremendously.