Dilly is lovely girl who is about 12 years old. She weighs about 50 pounds. Dilly is  relaxed, friendly and respectful with humans, cats and caged birds. She gets on well with polite dogs once she knows them, but when she first meets a new dog she tends to be anxious and acts dominant, and she needs her human to provide good leadership. Because of this, she is not a good candidate for dog parks. She can happily share her home with a mellow, polite dog, but she wouldn’t be a good fit with a dog that’s rough or disrespectful.

This girl is just easy to have around! She’s reached a stage of her life where she’s content to snooze most of the day … but although she doesn’t require a daily walk, she’s pretty fit for an older gal and quite able to walk a mile or two every day. Dilly is not a needy dog. She also loves car rides. She’ll  join you on the couch when you relax, but she’s also happy to entertain herself (in between naps) with a bone, or cleaning out that peanut butter jar that isn’t quite empty.

She may be an old lady, but she’s smart and highly food-motivated. Her house manners are excellent – she’s generally quiet and never destructive, and she responds quickly to correction. Although she was crate trained as a pup, and is used to sleeping in an open crate, she can safely be left loose and unsupervised inside the house. She walks well on a leash, comes when called, and responds to all the basic obedience commands.

Dilly is in excellent health, based on a recent wellness exam and blood work. The vet found no indication of arthritis. She’s getting a little hard of hearing, and she doesn’t see too well in the dark, but those don’t slow her down any. She needs a controlled diet and supplements to control itchy skin caused by allergies. Lastly, she has a couple of fatty tumors that don’t seem to cause her discomfort. Her full vet record will be provided to her adopter.

Dilly is posted for Hearthfire Animal Rescue Team (HART).  She is located in Yelm, but her foster will bring her to meet her approved adopter and family at a mutually convenient location.  Dilly’s adoption fee is $120. To adopt her, please email HearthfireART@gmail.com and request an adoption application.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.