Dilly came to us from the shelter where she was brought in as a stray. She was blind and deaf. We just can’t figure out how she managed on her own out in the streets. The shelter held her for a month hoping the owner would come and get her, but no one came. The shelter knew she was old enough for Old Dog Haven and with her bulging eyes and bad teeth they knew she wasn’t adoptable. ODH delivered her to us, her ODH Final Refuge home, on July 3 so now we celebrate the 4th of July as Dilly’s coming home day!

Since coming to us she’s had her diseased eyes removed, half of her teeth pulled and a cancerous mammary tumor taken out. Dilly is a beautiful girl who is happy and likes to play tag. Since she is blind and deaf, you have to touch her to get her attention. She is very determined to find her own way and she doesn’t give up, she just climbs over anything in her path, like shoes, paper sacks or cats. She is very sweet and is my husband’s constant companion. We love her so much and we’re thrilled to have her.

Update:  This brave little girl finally had to leave her loving home when her physical challenges became too great.  She was the sweetest little thing and overcame so many challenges.  Her time with her final family was very special and she will always be remembered.