Dobby is an adorable 11 year old bichon frise who weighs 14 lbs. He is a very sweet dog who is fun, active and does well with other dogs.

Dobby is not a barky dog, which is a lovely quality in him. He is crate trained, potty trained and he will use potty pads if he cannot get outside. Not only is he adorable, he’s just a great dog!

Dobby is cautious about people and things (bikes, skateboards, for example) coming up behind him and it is always better to let him come to you rather than you to go to him.

Dobby was recently surrendered to rescue after biting a young child who held him too tightly and wouldn’t let him go. He must find a new home without children, not even visiting children.

Dobby is grieving for the recent loss of his home but his fosters are doing their best to keep him stimulated and interested in many things to distract him. Dobby is in need of an adopter who will not only be patient and understanding while he adapts to another new home but one who will also commit to him for the rest of his days. Certainly there’s a home out there who will benefit from welcoming this little fellow into their home!

Dobby is a cross post for the collaborative rescues of Rebecca’s Rainbow and Furbaby Rescue. He is being fostered in Kirkland WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.