Dolly is a 9 year old Boxer with the joie de vivre of a four-year-old. Dolly loves to go for walks around the neighborhood and curries affection from anyone she meets. She does well with male dogs, children, horses, and car rides. Whatever you’re doing is what she wants to do! She is a flashy brindle butterball of affection and is eager to please. She can get offended with the antics of young “bratty” dogs, and would love to chase any kitties she finds, so homes with those two types should be avoided.

Dolly is crate-trained and will go into her crate happily. Dolly may have a predisposition for UTIs and she is on a prescription diet to help alleviate this. Consequently, Dolly needs to have access to potty every four hours or so as the diet makes her drink a lot of water. She is a little stiff when she gets up, but she is both on a diet and taking a joint supplement so this concern should lessen with time.

Because Dolly is so easy-going we would consider her a “starter-Boxer,” for someone interested in the breed but who has never had one before. She is truly the perfect ambassador for Boxers without all the rowdiness of the very young. Dolly would love to keep you company while you binge-watch your favorite shows, read that novel, or crochet that scarf, and your lap will never be chilled with this sweet older gal around to warm it. Won’t you consider Dolly to be your forever companion?

Dolly is posted for Must Luv Boxers Rescue and is a foster home in Lake City, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.