“Hello! My name is Doo, yes you read that correctly: D-O-O. I’m a 13 year old chihuahua. I am a petite girl weighing in at 5 pounds. I find myself in a predicament that I hear is common to dogs like myself who outlive their owners.

“My original owner was a man who married a nice woman 6 years ago. Since then, my man passed away as did the other dog I lived with. The nice woman has kept me as her own for as long as she could but now she needs to move into a home where I am not allowed. Please try not to judge her as she’s very sad to let me go and judging won’t help either of us. It is not possible for her to keep me so she’s trying her best to find me the very best home-one I can stay forever in and have good care.

“As I mentioned, I used to live with another dog. We did fine together but since he passed away, I’ve not been exposed to other dogs. This may mean when I finally see another dog I’ll get really excited or perhaps, afraid? Of course being a chihuahua I won’t let another dog know I am afraid! Just keep in mind that proper introductions to a new dog is going to be very important. Please don’t try to make me live with a dog who is mean or one that could harm me. I have lived with cats, they are fine. I can’t tell you how I’d do with kids as I’ve never been around any. My guess is that I need a home without little kids as I hear they don’t always know GENTLE.

“I am a very well behaved girl. I am potty pad trained but will go potty outside if you take me out. And I hope you will take me outside on a leash and harness to get out for fresh air. I don’t require a lot of exercise. I do really get going when my person comes home from being gone. I run to greet her with joy.  I like it when my person plays the “chase” game with me too. I am not a yappy dog. I can stay alone for many hours just fine-just don’t forget to put out my potty pads! Stairs aren’t a problem for me at this time but I’m so light, you can carry me if need be.

“Because I’m a senior girl, I need an adopter who can and will afford my veterinary care and good food too. I’ve always been pretty independent. I don’t expect to stay in your lap but I will appreciate your lap from time to time. I love a soft bed and blankets and a spot in the sun. I hear I need a home very soon so if you would like to learn about me, please don’t wait. If you can’t give me a home, be sure to tell your dog-friends about me. Doo the chihuahua, that’s me!”

Doo is courtesy posted for her owner in Sedro-Woolley , WA. For more information, please email referrals@olddoghaven.org.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.