Doodle and her friend, Final Refuge dog Snickers, came in to a big shelter as strays. We’re not sure exactly what mix Doodle is – Chihuahua + Yorkie (“Chorkie”) is our best guess – but it’s clear that Doodle’s 6-pound size doesn’t reflect the huge size of her personality! This little girl runs her household and makes sure all the other dogs know it. The bigger the dog bed, the more likely Doodle has taken it over, and she is fearless no matter who she’s facing. She’s a wonderful cuddler too and definitely her Foster Daddy’s girl – she loves to sit with him on the couch and give him kisses when he’s not looking. At 12 years Doodle acts half her age and is playful and active, so we hope she will be with us for a long time. After all, who could run the house as well as the Doodle Bug?

Update:  Doodle had a wonderful last 3 years in her ODH home – that tiny body with the huge personality left a big hole in the family.