Dora’s family said: Dora, the sweetest and most beautiful cow-spotted dog ever, came to us three years ago. Dora had a good home before she arrived at the shelter and never knew neglect or abuse. She came to us with many special skills–the ability to eat gracefully from a fork or spoon, a killer sad-eyed puppy look backed up by commanding barks when we didn’t feed her according to her schedule (I’m pretty sure she saw us as loveable but slightly incompetent household staff), a mastery of tug-of-war (she taught her co-dog Carl how to play and could drag all 100 pounds of him around the house on his back while he hung onto the rope with his teeth), a tail that thumped even in her sleep (other dogs sleep-run; Dora sleep-wagged). Dora loved all people and animals (except bunnies and chickens, which she preferred to love with her mouth). She hated thunder, but loved snow and would run circles in the yard scooping it up in her mouth like a bulldozer. According to Buzzfeed, Audrey Hepburn should have played Dora’s voice in the movie of her life. She was a big, sweet girl and one of a kind. We miss you, Do. We’ll never forget you. Dory passed away November, 2014.