10-year-old Duder is a 75 pound, mixed breed fellow who would love to find a home where he is either an only dog or one where the other dog in his home is mellow and friendly. His family once consisted of an older mellow male dog and female chihuahua; he was quite happy with these canine companions. Duder has lived with kitties and done fine with them. He likes children who are kind and gentle.

This very smart boy knows some basic commands. Duder would benefit from either a Gentle Leader or Wonder Walker for his walks. He loves his daily walks or playing fetch. We are told Duder can stay alone without issue, he is kenneled when his people leave. He will bark in his excitement upon your return home. Duder is well house trained but as he ages (as we say about all dogs), he shouldn’t have to hold it for too long-that is just too hard on a dog. Duder would be happiest if his new person worked from home or was home more often than not.

Because one of the dogs in his home has been aggressive towards him for years, Duder is kept away from the dog. This is hard on everyone in the home, especially Duder. We are told he has never been a dog who instigated trouble. In meeting new dogs, he can be anxious, no doubt from his experience being attacked but once Duder settles in, he is capable of being comfortable with other dogs.

Duder currently takes a medication for anxiety. One would hope in a new home, once he adjusted, this could be discontinued. Of course this would only be acceptable to do under a vet’s care and recommendation. Aside from that, his people tell us he is in good health and they will share vet records with his potential adopters. Duder’s adopter should be able to continue on with his lifelong vet care and quality dog food.

The hope is that Duder will find a loving, forever home where he won’t have the anxiety caused by being separated from a dog who shows aggression towards him. He sounds like a very nice boy who is a wonderful buddy! He loves his people and deserves a home with someone who can give him the peace and freedom to be out and about in his home as he pleases.

Duder is located in Des Moines, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 



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