“Hello, my name is Duffy and I’m looking for a new home. My human passed away. She raised me from a tiny puppy. We were each other’s whole world. Since she is gone I have tried to soldier on. A family member has taken me in and cared for me. She is very nice but her dog doesn’t really care for me and I feel like a third wheel. Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with other dogs and I wouldn’t mind having a doggy friend to pal around with but I wouldn’t have a problem being the center of attention in a new home either.  I am not that old!  I’m about 10 years old and anyone who knows dachshunds knows that is still young in doxie years . I’ve never lived with cats, not sure even what those are. Kids? I don’t know what those are either – small humans?  Maybe I’d be OK with them as long as they were old enough to know to be gentle with me and weren’t too loud, that would scare me.  I’m a really small guy, only 8 pounds, so I’m a good size for toting up and down stairs if you live in a home with stairs.  (My breed is prone to back issues so going up and down stairs is not a good idea.) I like to get out for walks and I’ll behave for you on leash.  I can wait about 6 hours before I need a potty break and I can stay home alone without getting anxious.  I love burrowing into blankets and I’d really like to find a home with someone who will let me crawl into the covers with them at night in their bed.  Ah, so cozy! Truly, I just want somebody to love again with all of my heart. I believe in second chances and hope to find someone who wants to love me again and give me that second chance.”

Duffy is waiting for his true love in Seattle, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.