“Let me be the Duke of your Heart!

“Hi everybody! My name is Duke and I’m an 8 year old male puggle which means I am a mix between a pug and Snoopy (beagle). I’m 23 lbs of pure dreamboat. (At least that’s what my foster parents say. They also tell me my ears are softer than velvet.)

“OK, so I know this might sound like a cliché but I enjoy long walks on the beach. I really do! I love being active. I adore a good stroll around the neighborhood, the occasional run, and leave my humans in the dust on trail hikes.

“Don’t worry though, it’s not only about exercise. (I am half pug after all!) My real mantra is that there is only one happiness in this life, to snuggle and to be snuggled. I’m extremely affectionate and will probably be your shadow. I love to cuddle on the couch, sit on laps, and even have a tendency to burrow under the covers at night. I am crate trained but I get very sad and anxious when my humans leave. I’ll probably do best in a home where I am not alone all day. Speaking of my pug genes… have I mentioned that my favorite part of the day is mealtime? I can learn lots of new tricks as long as treats are involved.

“I haven’t been around many other dogs, sometimes I’m shy, sometimes I bark, and sometimes I have no reaction at all. Once I get familiar though, I think I can make some new best friends (canine and feline), but if I was your one and only I wouldn’t mind.  I’ll probably do better in a house rather than an apartment. I think older kids would like playing with me and would enjoy my waggly tail. I’m healthy, housebroken, and have no medical conditions. I won’t be a threat to your shoes or your furniture (I promise!), just your heart.”

Duke is with Pacific Pug Rescue in Portland, Oregon.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.