Here are two beautiful dogs in need of an adoptive home. Duke and Duckie are littermates. They are 8.5 year old dogs who are lab and golden mixes. Duke is a male, he weighs 100 pounds. Duckie is his sister, she weighs 85 pounds. This pair is in need of a home where they can remain together as they are strongly bonded. They love each other very much!

Duckie and Duke have lived with other dogs throughout their life and while they have done well with those dogs, they have not always been as welcoming to visiting dogs to their home. Their family believes they could possibly live with another dog, with proper introductions and smart integration. One may wonder why you’d need another dog with these two around as they sound like they check all of the boxes for fun, love and companionship!

This brother and sister pair have not been observed around cats. They are good with kind children. We imagine they could make great family dogs as Duckie used to sleep with a child in their home, Duke slept in that same room. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for them to find another child or children for them to love?

As youngish seniors, Duckie and Duke LOVE activities: walks, running, playing fetch, chasing each other for fun, or going on outings to swim at the beach or a lake. The pair took training classes as puppies and we are told their leash skills are good. Of course this is a lot of dog to manage if one person was walking both so one should plan on having a buddy to go along on walks or be strong enough to manage 185 pounds total of dog! (We think 2 people walking this pair would be the best option!)

At this time in their lives Duke and Duckie can manage about 6 hours during the day before they need a potty break. They have had access to a dog door to get out to relieve themselves as needed, into a very large secure fenced yard. Neither dog shows signs of having arthritis though joint support could help as time goes on. Currently they can climb stairs.

The pair will bark at birds and other dogs at their fence or strangers-typical dog behavior! Duke and Duckie want to please their humans and will listen to commands. They may enjoy a refresher training course which could be bonding time with their new humans.

Duke recently had a dental. His owners tell us he is more anxious in nature than Duckie. They recently started him on medication to help ease his nerves to help him lick less out of nervousness.

Duke is described by his family as “very athletic, loyal, friendly and loves attention”. Duckie is described as : cuddly, gentle, a sweet and affectionate lap dog.”

Dogs like Duke and Duckie don’t come along often! These smart, beautiful dogs are going to make a wonderful addition to a home.

Duckie and Duke are located in University Place, WA. For contact information please email: 

This is a courtesy post. Duke and Duckie are not Old Dog Haven dogs. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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