Duncan was half of a pair of senior pugs owner surrendered to Old Dog Haven by a family who could no longer afford to feed their dogs. Duncan arrived to his Final Refuge home in pretty poor condition but his attitude was wonderful. He was a happy, sweet dog who decided his foster mom was the best thing ever-well second only to food! Duncan was an easy going dog boy allowed his foster mom to dress him up in holiday costumes. His foster mom could always rely on Duncan to bring her a smile. He’d follow her dutifully from room to room, always waiting for her right outside the bathtub when she showered.

Three years went by quickly, Duncan aged and he started to lose his hearing, his sight diminished and dementia slowly crept in. Right up until his very last day, he’d drift off to sleep and then wake up suddenly, looking around to be sure he knew where his “mom” was. Duncan was 16 years old when his family sent him on. His foster mom sorely misses her dear boy but she’s forever grateful for the time she shared with Duncan and oh so grateful to Old Dog Haven for making it so he had a home where he was greatly loved.