Delightful Dusty is a 12-year-old ball of enthusiasm and affection. He loves everybody he meets and gets along great with the other dogs and cat in his Final Refuge home.

Since coming into ODH’s care, Dusty has had a full check-up and an echocardiogram. Dusty is not neutered so he has an enlarged prostate, but the hope is that he will be found strong and healthy enough to undergo neuter surgery. He is also on a special diet to help with allergies.

Dusty is most animated over food and never fails to sound the dinner (and breakfast and snack) bell with an exuberant display of barking and twirling. He loves napping in the sun and playing with his toys, often racing out to the yard with one in his mouth.

He’s truly a great little dog and his foster family is beyond happy to have him.

Update:  Wonderful little Dusty recently became ill and it was discovered that in addition to a heart condition he had lymphoma and we had to say goodbye since we could not get him back to a good quality of life.  This pup loved his foster family and they him.  He had a joyous 8 months with them.