From his ODH mom:
Earl was my very first Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dog.  He was a Velcro-Dog, and he lived next to me for over 3½ years.  Like every other day, I still check for him when I get up in the morning, just to be sure I do not step on him where he always slept with his rear-end underneath my bed.

He started limping on his right front leg in December 2015. Diagnostics and repeat exams never elucidated the exact location or the cause, but medication kept it completely under control – until recently.  Earl was still happy, and got all excited when it was time for his walkies, but on this day the leg became just too painful for him to proceed as we headed down the driveway.  It was time to say goodbye.

Ice cream was the only people-food Earl ever showed any interest in – then he was all ears and I had his full attention.  So a bowl of ice cream was taken along for our last car ride – kept on the front seat in the sun to get nice and soft.  Earl licked the bowl to the bottom, and then went on his way over The Rainbow Bridge.