Easton was found as a stray, infested with fleas, underweight, with multiple infected teeth and infection in both ears. He also had elephant skin down his back. After taking him to the vet, multiple disc issues were found in his back and it was surprising that he was even able to walk.

The shelter and vet thought he was a very old dog. After multiple visits to try to clear his ear and tooth infections, we decided risk anesthesia and extract the dead teeth, neuter him, and send him to a specialist to flush his ear. With all those rotten teeth gone (he has only his four canine  teeth left), and ears flushed, Easton is feeling MUCH better and even hops  around with excitement when it’s meal time. His skin is slowly healing and he’s  getting hair growth back. He enjoys being around his people and fur siblings,  but mostly this adorable sweet little man just loves nesting on top of his blankets and napping.

Update:  Easton ended a 7-month stay with his ODH family when those dachshund spinal problems became too much for him. He’d been happy, well loved, and so much more comfortable than he’d been – he will be remembered with a wide smile.