From his Final Refuge mom:  At 12 years old, Eggar was turned in as a stray to a local shelter.  He came to our family intact and in pretty sad shape. We’re not sure if he was a puppy mill dog or from a hoarding situation but he was not doing very well.

Since his previous name was unknown, we thought of  the movie Men in Black and gave him the name Eggar. But we could have named him so many different things because he is so silly. Baby yoda, dobby, little man, boop.. so many different names. In fact, he has a ton of nicknames…and a certain resemblance to Falkor.

Eggar has a lot of health issues but you couldn’t tell that by his attitude. He is funny and loving and cuddly. The funniest thing about him, since he has very few teeth, is that when he tries to lick me, he is very inaccurate with his aim. He goes to lick my chin and my eyeballs get swiped instead. It’s funny it really is!  We love him to pieces and we’re so honored and thankful to be his rescues.

Thank you Old Dog Haven for doing what you do and letting us do what we do!

Update:  Eggar was able to stay much longer than anticipated with his loving Final Refuge family but they finally had to say goodbye.  He really enjoyed every day and will be greatly missed.