Ellie is a miniature black/tan dachshund. She came into the care of Old Dog Haven at 14 1/2 years old in bad shape with a terrible mouth. Ellie had discharge from her nose and her eye. She was booked for a dental ASAP (after being on antibiotics for two weeks) & had a full dental extraction. It was found during her dental that each tooth was abscessed & infected, & Ellie had an Oronasal Fistula. The dental disease was so bad that her lower jaw could have broken (the infection had disintegrated parts of it). The vet was able to close the fistula & ensure the infected tissue was removed. It was a pretty major procedure but Ellie was a trooper & took her meds very well.

It took about three weeks after her dental for Ellie’s personality to shine through. She started to bark when playing with her “grandma”. It’s super cute because of how high pitched it is. Ellie doesn’t realize she doesn’t have teeth & will gum you when she plays like a little alligator. She loves to cuddle on the couch & burrow/lay under blankets. As is common with Dachshunds, Ellie’s back is fragile and her back legs are a little weak. That doesn’t stop her from running to the kitchen when it’s meal time, or going on a walk. She gets along with our other Final Refuge Merle and our resident doxie Joy. Even though Ellie is small she is the boss.

If it weren’t for Old Dog Haven providing all the medical care, Ellie would not have had the opportunity to enjoy life again. We can’t stress enough how grateful we are to have Ellie as a family member and to see her act like a zippy senior.

We love her very much!

Update:  Ellie was able to live in her wonderful Final Refuge home for long time before they finally had to say good-bye.  It’s never easy, but Ellie was such a dear girl that she will be missed and remembered forever.  Though she was very old and small – she was always in charge!