“Hi! My name is Elsa and I am in need of an adoptive home and very, very soon. Will you help me find a home?

“I am 9 years old right now. My birthday is in November. You may be able to see that I am part rottweiler but I also have some ? labrador in me. Those are 2 great breeds and my people will tell you that I got the best characteristics of both! I weigh about 65 pounds.

“I have lived with other dogs of various sizes and did well with them. Of course it’s best to introduce new dogs to each other properly; in a neutral spot and give us time to get to know each other. I’ve been around cats and I didn’t bother them but they mostly stayed out of my way. I am not certain what I’d do if I went to a home with a cat who wanted to be friends with me!
“I am a wonderful family dog. I have been great with kiddos.  Of course I’d want a home with children who will be gentle with me. NO dog of any age wants a child crawling on or pulling on them!  It is especially so once we start to get older.
“My humans have not taken me to a vet since I was one year old. I am up to date on my vaccines but I need more thorough vetting. They will tell you I appear to be a healthy girl and I certainly could be but getting a senior check up for me and keeping me up to date with regular veterinary care is really important. Just as humans have regular check ups, we dogs need to as well. Please make sure your budget can afford veterinary care before considering adopting any animal.
“When my people are away from home I am fine to stay alone. I am a laid back, well-behaved girl in the house and should remain a mostly inside dog. Sure, it’s nice to spend time outside but it is not nice to be stuck outside alone, indefinitely. We dogs are social creatures and we long for the companionship of our humans. I can hold my potty for quite awhile when I need to but I hope I don’t have to do that too often on a daily basis. I bark just to let you know someone is at the door. I am a good girl!
“Walks are really nice to go on. I hope my new people will want to take me out so I can show them now nicely I can walk on leash. I can do stairs at this time. My happiest, best time is at the water. If you take me to the beach or a lake, I am in heaven! I guess that is the lab coming out in me.
“I love people. I am a loyal girl who loves with all of my heart. My human tells me all of the time how lucky she’s been to have had me and that I am amazing. She gets teary when she tells me this because she can’t keep me anymore. I will be sad too to say goodbye but it is necessary so I hope someone kind and loving will want me for the rest of my life.  Are you that someone?”
Elsa is located in Marysville, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org
This is a courtesy post. Elsa is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.