Sweet Emma Lou is a tiny, 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier who is almost 12 years old. Emma lives with other dogs and cats, she does well with both. Because she is so small, a home without young children who could unintentionally harm her would be best.

Emma Lou had a rough start in life in a puppy mill. This made her leery of strangers and the vacuum cleaner. She needs a home with someone who is gentle, patient and understanding of her. Once she gets to know you, Emma Lou loves “couch time” and being petted. She likes to follow her person from room to room, a darling companion!

This dainty girl is good on leash and loves getting out for walks. Currently Emma Lou spends a lot of time in and around her crate. Some dogs view their crates as their “safe spot”. Emma Lou’s crate can come along with her to her new home. It’ll more than likely help her in adapting to her new home. Wouldn’t it be great to find a home where she could spend less time in her crate and only go into it when she wants to?

Emma Lou needs to potty every few hours. We’re told she doesn’t always make it outside, especially if the weather is not “agreeable”. She will go on newspaper in her crate. Perhaps she’d use potty pads as well? Emma Lou needs a home with someone who can afford her veterinary care. She should have a vet exam with urinalysis and blood work as that’s not ever been done for her. Emma Lou has had a dental in which all of her teeth were extracted.

Emma Lou is hoping and waiting for her true forever home in Vancouver, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.