Little Eric was surrendered to a shelter at 12 years old, a sweet and gentle dog with mature cataracts so very limited sight and with a moderate heart murmur and dental disease. ODH was asked to take him because of his physical issues, and he moved easily into his Final Refuge home. He bonded quickly with his ODH mom and, after time, his new dad also. He’s had his dental, his itchy skin is improving, and he proved himself to be a happy playful little fellow. He thinks years are months and continues to act like a 1-year-old. He absolutely LOVES running at the beach, playing like a puppy. We often find that our dogs become “younger” as they are made more comfortable and realize they are in a home that truly wants and values them. Here’s hoping that Eric will stay a happy little guy for years to come!

Update:  Nearly 4 years after little Eric joined his ODH family, he succumbed to lung cancer. He was loved to the very end, loved his family right back, and is very much missed.