Meet this senior bonded pair- Ernie and Peter!!

Peter (brown and white) and Ernie (black and white) are a pair of tiny bonded chihuahuas. Weighing in at 5 and 4 pounds respectively, these approximately 12-year-old gentlemen were found wandering by themselves in a local park and eventually made their way to their current foster home. Once in their foster home, they began to relax and show their true colors as cute, cuddly, happy little guys.

From their rescuers:

“Peter and Ernie would love a quiet home where people are around at least part of the day. Their new home should have plenty of cozy places to cuddle up together- beds, blankets, pillows… anything soft is OK by them! They wanted me to add that another requirement is lots of soft, yummy treats. They sleep most of the day, but still enjoy time exploring the back yard for short stints. They love to go for car rides and meet new people, provided they are allowed time for a slow introduction on their terms. When left at home they spend their time sleeping. They have no problem spending time in their crate for long periods.

“They currently live with two dog-savvy children (7 and 9), and could possibly live in a home with older, respectful children who will follow their “rules” and give them space when they want it. They currently live with one other large dog and several cats. “The grandpas” don’t seem to like the other animals much- they tend to bark when they come close to their beds, food, or crate. That said, they could probably tolerate living with other patient pets who will ignore them, so long as you don’t mind a bit of barking.

“Ernie is the more outgoing one in the pair- he greets everyone happily with his little tongue sticking out the side of his mouth. He is the smaller of the two. He does cute spins and dances around when you bring him a blanket, treats, or his food bowl. Ernie sometimes walks on his front paws only if the grass is too cold during his pee breaks- he is quite the gymnast! His back knees are creaky, and jumping is tougher for him, so he sometimes needs help getting up stairs or getting over obstacles that are too tall to climb over.

“Peter is a bit more reserved than Ernie. He needs a slower approach and takes offense more easily if someone/something bumps him or comes too close to their bed or crate too fast. Once he knows, trusts, and recognizes you, he is friendly and cuddly. He loves to keep an eye on the world from the car seat when out and about. He has longer legs, and bounds up short sets of steps without any problem. Peter loves chewing on and cuddling his collection of teeny stuffed toys, but doesn’t like to share them.

“Being old men, Peter and Ernie need frequent pee breaks or they may have accidents in the house. In their foster home they are provided with pee pads just in case.”

These boys are on a diet of soft food (canned or soaked kibble) due to their lack of teeth. Otherwise, they’ve been fully vetted, are both neutered, and have received age-appropriate vaccinations.

Ernie and Peter are posted for the Alternative Humane Society in Bellingham, WA. Please fill out a statement of Interest on their website:

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.