Etta was a beautiful black brindle pug who was surrendered to a shelter by her family. Etta was almost completely immobile, covered in fleas and pretty uncomfortable. The kind people at the shelter got Etta cleaned up and reached out to Old Dog Haven for help. A foster family with a lot of experience with pugs and immobile dogs was found. For four months Etta was truly loved and cherished. She loved her walks in her “Dogger” stroller. She slept in the bed with her foster family and was either carried or strolled from room to room in the house while her people worked. Etta had NO problem letting her family know what she needed and wanted and they enjoyed doing it for her. When Etta became too weak anymore to support herself, her family knew it was time to say goodbye. Her foster mom wrapped her up in a warm blanket and took her for one last stroll. At one point Etta’s “mom” stopped to look at her as she often did and Etta smiled. She was sent on to a better place with a belly full of cheeseburger and french fries. A friend who knew Etta told her family “That little girl took up a lot of space”. So true. She passed away November 14, 2014.