From Fannie’s ODH family: Fannie was with us for almost 18 months. During that time, we worked on trust issues and being more relaxed. She believed that her job was to be the best guard dog ever, and because of that, she was always “on alert” and ready to circle the house one more time. Her favorite thing was to lay on her favorite little patch of grass watching the gate and driveway. She could be very affectionate, but always on her terms. We wish we could have gotten her to a place where she was totally able to forget what must have happened to her before coming to Old Dog Haven but, sadly, that was not to be. Fannie was a challenge because of this, but we loved her for who she was and are glad we had many months with her. We will miss her affection towards us and her protective personality. Fannie was a special girl!

Fannie died August 5, 2015.