Felix had 3 strikes against him at the shelter when Old Dog Haven was asked to find a home for him. Felix’s time was up, he was going to be euthanized if Old Dog Haven couldn’t take him.  He’d been adopted out 3 times and returned 3 times because he was a marker. No matter how cute or how sweet Felix was, no one wanted to give him a home.  It was those people’s loss, his Final Refuge fosters’ gain!
Felix was an easy-going fellow whose ears stuck out and made everyone smile. He was friendly to both humans and dogs alike.  Felix loved to give kisses to people. He loved sleeping in the bed with his foster parents. He always welcomed dogs who wanted to share a bed with him. Felix had a best friend in another Old Dog Haven dog named Bouncer. Bouncer and Felix were a really sweet, bonded pair.
Felix was the first Old Dog Haven dog to “run” in the Seattle Seahawks’ Halftime Wiener Races. Felix found the noise of the crowd scary so he never crossed the finish line. No one really expected an old boy with a gait like his to run too fast. Regardless,  he was a great ambassador for Old Dog Haven and even won “Fan Favorite”.
Felix lived longer than any other Old Dog Haven dog his Final Refuge family had. 7 years! He was into his late teens when they had to send him on. His family knows how lucky they are to have shared their home and love with such a nice dog.