“What? Is he made of kitten fur?” asked one of many new friends upon meeting Felonius Gru. Hmmm…Perhaps. While Gru will never divulge his past—and certainly admit to no affinity with felines—his heart is as open and full of delight as a newborn pup. With equal amounts of good-hearted banditry and a strong affinity for pilfering baked goods, of course.

As is the story with so many of our Old Dog Haven dogs our mystery man Gru was picked up as a stray and brought to the shelter. He was in bad shape—obese, with concerning bloodwork, multiple tumors, and truly terrible teeth. But Gru quickly beguiled shelter staff and they reached out to ODH for help. Quick as a wink, wonderful ODH transporters swung into action and whisked Gru to his ODH Final Refuge home. A great escape!

Gru then got priority treatment at the vet, where he had to have a number of teeth pulled (and other indignities, he’d add) but handled it all like a pro. And boy did he feel better with those rotten teeth gone. Next up was a healthy diet and lots of outdoor reconnaissance activities, which he took to with aplomb. As Gru shed those extra pounds and rediscovered a more svelte physique under all the sausage stuffing, folks exclaim how handsome he is! And SO FLUFFY!

Gru does have hemangiosarcoma, but he will continue to live his life to the fullest as his mom makes sure that each day is a good one. For now, Gru delights in the age-old task of keeping the homestead free of elephants, basking in the sunshine, and just being debonair. He’s considering his memoirs and enjoying his golden days immensely!

Update: Dear Gru was only with his forever mom for 4 months, but what a huge impact he made in her life and everyone he met. This delightful, joyous, beautiful fellow was so very loved. He did not know a bad day once he was finally safe and loved and home. Gru was one-of-a-kind and made of sunshine. (And maybe kitten fur.) He is truly loved and fiercely missed.

Look deep into my eyes and bring me a biscuit….minion

Look how well I adapt to comfortable living!

Even criminal masterminds need a snuggle

I am working on my memoirs…

I am home